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Hi Everyone,


I thought I'd quickly post this up on here as well (if it's ok with the mod's?). I am having an online auction on my Facebook page in order to raise some more funds for William. Now for those of you that don't know who he is, he is my neighbour's little boy and he suffered a tragic burn accident last year which resulted in him having to have all his fingers and his right leg amputated.


As you can imagine, this has put slight financial strain on the family for medical costs and fuel costs in order for him to make his appointments.


Some of my friends and I have put together this auction to try to raise as much funds for him as possible. There are things like gorgeous dolls, necklaces, christmas cards, hair accessories etc. up for grabs.


If you go to my FB page (Michelle Schneider) and add yourself as a friend look for the photo album called 'ONLINE AUCTION' and place your bids. Bidding ends at 7pm tonight.


Bless you all!


Michelle xxxx

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