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Melissa Hyland

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Hello everyone,


If you experience a problem with one of our projects in Make Jewellery, we are happy to offer support and assistance. This thread is where we will place any project corrections, so if you check out the forum you may find the answer here.


If not, you can contact us in one of two ways:


By email: editorial@makejewellerymagazine.co.uk


By post: write to us at

Make Jewellery

1 Phoenix Court

Hawkins Road




Please include a daytime contact number/email address where possible.


Best wishes,



Deputy Editor

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Issue 52: Lady Luxe, pages 26-27

Correct instructions for the earrings:

1 Cut a 2.5cm piece of WireLuxe. Pinch the trimmed ends together to hide the loose threads. Repeat for the other end to create an oval shape. Take a strand of 0.3mm enamelled green wire and oversew one of the pinched ends to secure. Thread two seed beads, a crystal pearl, seed bead, crystal pearl and two more seed beads onto the wire. Use it to oversew the other end of the main work so the beads lie down the centre.

2 Using a pair of chain-nosed pliers, make a loop with the leftover strand of wire at the end. Wrap it a few times to secure then snip off any excess. Use a jump ring to attach an earwire. Shape the earring by bending the beads into the center of the design. Harden the WireLuxe edges by squeezing them with nylon pliers. Finish by gluing flat back crystals around the edge. Repeat to make a pair.

Apologies for the printing error!

Edited by Rosie_EditorialAssistant

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