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Do you make your own envelopes?

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Hello all!!


Do any of you make your own envelopes and cards or do you buy them ready made?


I've always brought them in sets, but I was wondering if it was cheaper to make your own? Or is it really not worth the hassle?


Also!! Can any one tell me why I can get a pack of 50 cream card for the same price as 20 white in Hobby Craft?!?! I thought white would be cheaper, but it doesn't seem to be!!



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Hi Dilly, I do a bit of both. But one of my pet hates is plain envelopes. So I always line them and decorate them. But I always make my own boxes and 3D envelopes for chunkier cards. There is another post on envelopes here. I'm not to sure how much your paying from Hobbycraft I haven't bought envelopes in a long time as I have a huge stash to get through. But the Works usually have very good card and envelope packs and so do Argos take a look here Click on Gifts, then Arts and Crafts and then you'll find them under Papercrafts. Also check out Lakeland.

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I didn't know Argos did anything like that! I'm off to have a look, thanks!


There's a 'The Works' in town but all the craft stuff is up stairs and there's no lift, which would be fine but I'm in a wheel chair!! lol I'll have a look to see if they have a website.


Thanks for the help, I can't remember how much I paid, it was £5 something for 50 cards and envelopes. I did get some cheaper white ones off ebay but the woman I got them from doesn't sell them any more!


Thanks again!

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