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Melissa Hyland

Make Jewellery issue 19 challenge - closes 5.30pm 1st November

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As usual, I am late to the starting gate................

Really wanted to get an entry in for this challenge,

then found the ones I really fancied a shot at had been entered

apart from one.

So I have had had a try at something completely new for me.

That is what challenges are about after all???????

So I went to page 66 and tried the wire shaping earrings with James Stevenson.

I had some craft wire, but no square mandrels, wire crinklers or spiral makers or wire twisters!

So I have had to improvise as time is so short.


Used a vice to hold the wire while I twisted the wires together for the big jump rings.

Used an oblong massage oil bottle as a former for the jump ring shape.

Used a pair of flat nosed pliers to put the zigs and zags in the droppers.

And then used round nosed pliers to twist and turn the spirals at the bottom of the droppers.

Even went into the garage and used OH's hammer to work harden the craft wire to stiffen the shapes.

No battered beads and still have a full complement of fingers and thumbs.

The net results for me are.....................


I have done something entirely new


I have a lovely pair of lightweight and pretty earrings.

Thank you MJ again for setting this challenge.

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Gosh. not had time to come on this forum for ages, but made some FIMO cupcakes from the latest mag and wanted to upload them, sorry for the horrendous quality of the pics but i had no daylight!

Everyone's entries for this month are fab!

good luck everyone!





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Hello everyone,


Once again, it's time to bring the current challenge to a close and announce this month's winner! As always, we've been blown away by the level of skill and creativity on display, plus it's great to see so many different projects from issue 19 that you've made your own.

Head over to the Hall of Fame now to see who is our Challenge Winner this month and thank you to everyone who entered - good luck in our next challenge!


Melissa Hyland

Deputy Editor

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