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I am so Angry ... updated

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sorry for not being around the last couple of days but the last couple of days have not been great , on tuesday evening

I walked down my drive to go in my back door ( we never use the front door ) , to see 2 lads in the garden , didnt really think any thing of it to begin with as my neighbours have right of way threw our garden .They went into next doors garden and it is only when they started running down there garden I realised , I ran round the front to let my neighbours know and calll the police . I went back to collect my bag and Mike ( my husband ) turned up and as he did 2 other lads jumped out our front room window , Mike rugby tackled one of them but unfortunately he got away and mike hurt himself as fell threw the neighbours fence .

The police are fantastic they were round very quickly , all the neighbours in all the surrounding areas were out looking , there were so many police around but unfortunately they got away , we have so many exits in the gardens to hide and get away .

we had police dogs but they lost the scent . We were eventually let back into our house around 10ish I think after the police had left

Mike wouldnt let me go in at first as we wanted to check what had happened , we were very very luckily as nothing was taken


We found out they got in throu a small bathroom window !!!


What right do these people have to do this to us or to any body , they were 4 white guys in there late teens early twentys


We are ok a bit shaken up but we wont let them get us down and we wont be scared coming back home because if we are then they have won


Thanks for listening



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Oh Hun I was so sorry to hear about your attempted robbery in your texts and after reading this and hearing all the details it is even worse, poor you and Mike :-(


So sorry to hear that they got away and that Mike got hurt. I really hope that he gets better soon and that you can start to feel settled at home again xxx


I am so pleased to read that you are not going to let these horrid people beat you and make you afraid to be in your own home. These type of people just do not deserve to live & breathe the same air as all of the rest of us decent people.....It makes me so angry that people feel like they can or want to do this to people...they are very sick in the head :-(


Thinking of you and sending heaps of massive hugs,



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Oh Samhunnie, i'm really sorry to hear of this shocking incident. Just horrific.


Pleased that nothing was taken and that you and Mike are alright too. Being + is a very good thing though and, please do not apologise for not having been around. Its just good of you to pop in and let us know what happened.


A long long long time ago, when I was about 3 or 4 we were burgled and they guys, actually came through the most tiniest window ever, it was a bathroom window also! Just goes to show that people can fit through such small windows, they wil have been slim then. I remember the day we were burgled in the night, nothing was taken like, as I was the first one up and our front door was open, which we rarely sued ourselves, and there was a cat sitting there and then walked off. I didn't know what had happened as was soooo young and continued on, went to watch Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. My sister came down and found what had happened and went straight up to my mum and dad.


So pleased you are both ok hun. take care x

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