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Hello All!

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Sorry I haven't been on at all in the last 2 weeks, but have been having quite a manic time. Kayla started junior school last Monday and hasn't been settling in at all well. She has been crying just about all day and really upset.


The teacher's have picked up quite a few obvious concerns about her behavioural traits and are now suspecting that Kayla may well have Asperger's Syndrome (which is a form of autism). Obviously this has come as quite a knock for me as she's been at a special needs nursery school for 18 months and they've been putting her behavioural patterns down to developmental delay all the time.


I have a meeting with the school tomorrow to see what we can do in the line of offering support and will ask her paediatrician to do an assessment in November when I see him.


I hope none of you mind, but I have now put my own daughter's needs first and foremost so the profit I make from the Christmas Fair will go towards getting her the right equipment and resources that she might need to help her deal with this and make life a little easier on her.


Sending massive hugs and sorry for the rant!


Michelle xxx

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I'm really sorry to hear of this Michelle. I hope the meeting goes well tomorrow with the school and hope that in time you get everything you need to help Kayla with her Aspergers Syndrome! It will be a difficult time for you and Kayla too. Take care yourself and nice tohear from you hunnie.


Natalie x

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