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#Early one (Sunday) morning, just as the sun was ri-ising#

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morning all!


i've just had the most lovely shower, a reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllly looooooooooooooooooooooooooong one, which makes a nice change, i even managed a bit of grooming on the ole legs - actually i had a dream that i had a knee length dress on a VERY hairy legs. I was at the Avon Presidents club dinner (which is on wednesday which is prob why i was dreaming about it) and Sam Mitchell was there - she asks me if i needed a velcro roller for the hairs on my knees and said "you wanna get that sorted before you get married" to which i replied "i already am married you wizened old coke witch!" and punched her, square in the face!!!!! how satisfy a dream was that?!!!! anyway, i no longer have hairy knees, and can where my leggings with pride today :lol: without the hairs poking through!


i've posted a pic of the card DH made for me https://www.crafts-beautiful.com/index.php/forums/viewthread/34085/ for you all to have a look at - i'm so proud of him!


dreamy - have fun at the pool

su2ie - when even reading hurts, that must be frustrating! xx

dee - hope you're enjoying the peace and quiet

buffy - i went to mablethorpe years ago - enjoy your day


have fun everyone else who comes on after me!



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Hello ladies, bit of a late start for me as I didn't sleep well at all. Been up for an hour or so, but had lots of work to do, which is now sorted so apart from the washing up and food shopping, I can have a nice realxing day now. Have just developed terrible period pains though (sorry if TMI) so am waiting for painkillers to kick in. I was knitting like a woman possessed last night, only 2 more repeats for my scarf before the fold line, then another 3 repeats and I can cast off and start on the hood! Hooray!

Going to get all my low fat cook books out and plan out my weeks eating shortly. Didn't go for a run this morning as I was so tired from my rubbish sleep. Oh well, try and get an early night tonight!

Dreamy: enjoy swimming!

Su2ie: hope your hands feel better today

Dark: have a good day!

Buffy: enjoy your day out, have fun :)

Right, going to curl up in a ball until I get some pain relief, see you all later xxx

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Morning all, hope you're having a good day. Looks lovely out so might go for a walk in a bit, see if it'll wake me up a bit! :)

Su2ie, have you seen the ad in the back of the latest LK about those support things for sore hands? I don't know if they'd be any help to you, or if you already have something like it, but I thought of you as soon as I saw them. They look like a cross between proper splints and industrial strength tubi-grip. :)

Our trip to London on Fri/Sat was fab. :cheese: I took OH to see the sights, took millions of pics, then we trotted off to Wembley. I still can't believe how much bigger the new stadium is compared with the old one, or how steep the seating is - for the 1st hour I was convinced I was going to plummet down to join the tiny specks of people below - they looked like ants from where I was! :lol: Dark, were you down that far? :) The 1st 2 bands were terrible, as I thought they would be, but Lily Allen was good and Muse were EPIC!!!!!!!!! :cheese: :cheese: :cheese: A real night to remember. Then on Sat we met up with a very good friend of mine from way back and had the best lunch at Yauatcha in Soho. Apparently it's the place to go for dim sum and Cherie Blair often goes there. :ohh: We got home about 5pm-ish. I slept for over 10 hours. My brain is now needing a recharge so will sign off now. Have a good day all. :)

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Arrrggghhhh!!!!!! Thought my PC had gone belly up but it seems ok now TG :gulp:

Thanks for the concern about my hands Ladies :) I do have a proper splint with a shaped metal strip in it for my right hand but can't find my 2nd splint for my left and as they cost €25 each I'd rather locate it than go and fork out more money. I have to wear the splint while I sleep - I have it on right now too (which makes typing more comfortable coz even that hurts) and I have tubigrip for my left hand until I can locate the elusive 2nd splint :roll:


K&F sounds like you had a fab time :cheese: Oh and hoping to get LK picked up by OH in the UK tomorrow while he's working so will look at that add :)

Hatfull ouch on the period pains - mine used to be so bad I was sure my whole womb was gonna drop out :red: Hope they ease for you xxx

Giddy :lol: that's the sort of crazy dream I'd have too!


Well I'm off to peel some spuds now but can't use a knife whilst wearing the splint, its seriously difficult to do - OH is working on his alterations to the rabbit hutch to make her safe so can't really ask him to help out there. Oh and I've bought a dye for my hair, I don't have a good look at the moment with a big sticky out belly and even bigger streaks of grey in my hair :gulp: :lol:

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Thanks Su2ie: really feels awful today. I've cracked out the super strength pain killers which have helped a little bit, but have also made me really drowsy. STILL havn't done the washing up, just going to try and drink cuppa to see if that helps, then get in the bath after my apple butter is done. In my drowsy drugged up state, I tried to get my banana loaf out of the tin before it was properly cool...big pile of crumbs! Doh! I'm too ashamed to take it into work looking the way it does, so I think it might have to go out for the birds...unless I can find a way of slicing it into chunks disguising the mess I've made! Oh dear.

think it might be a majour early night for m tonight as I am really not with it. Hope you're all having a good day!

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