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Make Jewellery magazine - Issue 18 - October 2010 - 2 different versions????

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I was in Morrisons today and saw Make Jewellery on the shelf with a free pack of glass beads, it was the normal price.


So now i'm thinking....If I go to Tescos I get the option of paying a little bit more for a whole load of extra beads. If I go to morrisons, i get a free pack of beads (in one of several colours) But because I get my magazine on subscription, i get nothing.



seems a little unfair to me.

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Please accept my apologies for any upset caused.


The promotions you see in specific supermarkets / newsagents now and then are agreed one-off promotions exclusive to the retailer in question. On this occasion, this is an exclusive promotion to Tescos and Make Jewellery is available to buy for £7.99, instead of the normal price of £4.99.


As a subscriber to Make Jewellery, you automatically become a member to our Subs Club, which is an online hub purely for our subscribers to the 6 crafts magazines in our portfolio. Subs Club is full of great offers, competitions, discounts and giveaways (don't miss the fantastic offers available right now). We'll be putting some new offers on in the next few weeks, so keep checking!


Once again, please accept my apologies for any upset and inconvenience caused.


Best wishes



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How much do we subscribers get the mag for? I think it works out at much less than 4.99, but I can't be sure. So i suppose we have to weigh up if its worth looking for the supermarket offers... and working out if they are a worthwhile bargain as agains the subs cost per issue.


It's good to know that Subs Club will be updated soon - for a time the offers didn't seem to change at all. The members of the month on there - are they updated every month? It would be good to see which month they are - they seem to hang around for well above 4 weeks at times! It would give me more 'faith' in the subs club if there was some indication of date / month given, and when comps start and finish.


:) :) :)

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