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Real Life or Serious stuff - post here please xx

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Thank you all very much for your support...it really means a lot to me at the moment.

Victoria: I'm not going to be looking for a relationship, no.Tbh, I always used to be pretty content on my own, so once I've got used to it again, I'll be ok I think. Plus, my closest friend has just ended her 6 and a 1/2 year relationship, so we're both starting all over again...nice to have someone to hold your hand! However, I wasn't looking for a relationship last time, so you never know! I'll just let fate decide for me :D So glad that you managed to find your amazing OH though, after such a difficult time xxx

Twinkle: thank you so much for your support: everyone on here is very good at providing a good hug, a listening ear, sound advice and plenty of vertual cake and tea (or something stronger if needed ;) ) So sorry to hear about your bad luck, I really hope things improve for you. I echo the thoughts of all others, make sure that the insurence company know all the details and the extra stress and trauma you have suffered as a result of someone not doing their job properly. it makes me so cross, because my brother has a mobility car and he was really stuffed when he had an accident in bad weather over Christmas. I really hope your bedroom turns out well xxxxxxx

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hi ladie's sorry not been around all week been bad and now back on the diasipam so feeling numb today...idf like to thank you all for you support it means so much to know that there's always someone to give super advice and huge support it brings a tear to my eye.

The bedroom downstairs has cheered me up loads as now even though ive been in such a bad way i was still around my kiddie's and my hubby and its a great weight off his shoulders too as he can keep an eye on me without having to run up and down stairs all day...the only downside at the moment is having to have a bed bath but im involved with the ot who's trying to get me a downstairs shower room and extension...


About the car accident there was noone in the car at the time, but even so i still ended up badly hurt after having to use a pathetic curtisy car of which i fell into the foot well and also having my back damaged more but i dont think that anything can be done about that...i did suffer so much without my car which im so pleased to say is back although because of the way ive been ive not managed toi get out in it yet


Can the insurance do anything if noone was in the car....but has still suffered without it???? I dont know very much about things like that but my parents did say that the way id fallen into the curtisy car that my back and pelvis was twisted and it had caused me to suffer panic attacks.


anyway ill be ok its just the kinda things life throws at me i think its time i stopped cathing ball lol

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Hi all ....


I've just heard from my SIL ... She's been having a lot of swelling & infection in the left hand side of her face so she went to the hospital yesterday .... After an MRI scan they've found a large cyst that's being removed on Friday .... Scarily fast ..... But they also found something else .... A tumour on her brain ..... They need to do more tests to see if it's malignant or not & what the treatment will be .... Her son gets married in Sept so all needs to be well for then ....


Prayers & thoughts will be appreciated .... Thank you .....

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