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Real Life or Serious stuff - post here please xx

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laura *BIG HUGS*


i was a self harmer stopped about 4/5 years ago....covered in scars mentally and physically. i left home about 14 for reasons i dont wish to mention which has lead to me suffering with depression ....i kinda know the feelings and thoughts but am happy your takin the humungous steps to gettin better


knitting was the best thing that actually helped me as i got into freindship groups on here and in shops and now in my knitting club...plus the finished project gives u a feeling of acumplishment (spelling?)



we are all here for u and between all our expieriences we can put the world to rights lol


well said Jennie, - between us all we willl conquer anything! :-)

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long as we dont end up with that man from go compare on here singing!


:ahhh: !!!!! I think I'll add him to my list of phobias :lol:


I think ''unite and support'' is enough! It says it all. Or maybe ''knit, unite and support'' :cheese:


*newscasters voice* ''In other news, members of the knit, unite and support internet group gathered round a friend in need today who not only dropped some stitches, but also a bombshell, when she announced online that xxxxx happened''

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Oh I've definitely found my knitty friends on here supportive :)


Mini groan coming up - spent most of yesterday from around 11am floored by another killer migraine. I think I've had more than my fair share of them this year and just paracetamol don't touch it. I reckon I must be getting 5 a week now although sometimes I'm lucky and they start to wear off by lunch time but not yesterday and my head still feels bad today. OH has been a rock, ordering me back to bed when I emerged around 2pm yesterday. He is worried for me though as obviously he has to live with me and the frequency and severity of these bad heads. Doc said nothing to be done in "my condition" only paracetamol so I'm feeling pretty sorry for myself atm. On Giddy's suggestion still swiping on the 4Head. At least I know its not my bloodpressure causing them as that's always normal at my hospital/docs appt and was 121/59 on Weds.


Anyway I just wanted to offload that. Mostly I just carry on as normal because I'm lucky enough to get non-classic migraines and I'm not sick but yesterday was just a killer. Thanks for listening to me moan x

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