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Lilac blouse

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A wide belt is an ace idea. Plus a belt should be quicker to make. I wonder what a good stitch would be for a belt as I wouldn't want it to stretch too much. I made a belt out of double crochet and it's stretched like a rubber band! :gulp: So any ideas would be very welcome. :-)


What about one of the belts in this month's LK? I know 2 are felted but one of them is in blackberry st which isn't hard to master....

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Hey, good idea Su2ie, that way I wouldn't be adding anything outwardly to detract from the original design. Thanks everyone, they're all really useful ideas. :cheese:


Think I'll definitely go down the belt route for the leftover yarn and I like the idea of having a lilac one in blackberry stitch! :cheese: Will have a look at the pattern tonight Buzy and see what I think. :)


Laura, I think they do the lucky dip bags relatively frequently. Have a look at their site and see what offers they've got on at the mo. There might be one just waiting for you! :-)

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