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Secret Summer's Over - Draw closed - Thinking Caps On!!!

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Message recieved and details logged Sue! Welcome to our knitty world...I'm sure you'll fit right in! :cheese:


Aims....of course you can!! PM be your full name and addy before Sat please xxx


wow 15 participants!! We really like receiving our little knitty gifts don't we!?!

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Aaw thanks Goose, it really is a pleasure though, I'm just delighted so many of you are interested :-)

Okay then the 13th is over so fifteen participants it is.....expect your pm's on Sunday morning, then on with the thinking caps :cheese:

Remember, - all gifts to be posted in time for your friend to receive it for the reveal party on Sat 4th Sept - bear in mind if you have to send your gift overseas it will take longer.

You don't have to knit/crochet if you don't want to but you cannot spend money, it must be something from your stash :)


xxx Dreamy


SSO participants:


Su2ie 1

Goose 2

Dreamy 3

Giddy 4

Buffy 5

B Lizzy 6

B Knitting 7

Squeakie 8

K&F 9

Dark 10

Sharon 11

Laura 12

Hennie 13

Muguet 14

Aims 15

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