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Secret Summer's Over - Draw closed - Thinking Caps On!!!

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Well I was thinking last night about how the last day in July was officially the end of Summer :long: Autumn is here now and although Winter is fast approaching it's still a long time until Christmas!

I thought it might be nice to have something small to look forward to in the line of a knitty gift from a knitty pal.

The same thing we do for SS and SEB, just that it's at the end of summer instead and would be a cheery sort of thing to do.

Now I really mean something small, and if you decide to take part (no obligation) the main criteria is this.....


It has to be something out of your stash :-)


even if it's only a small ball of lovely wool, enough to make a skinny scarf or ipod case, it's the thought that counts, or some buttons, a gadget, a pattern booklet, whatever. You can of course make something for your knitty pal, if you have the time what with all the christmas knitting that's on the go at the mo :lol:

Mind you to knit something small would be a great stash busting project and we are all eager to do some of that at the moment aren't we!!! :cheese:


So if you are interested in participating in the Secret Summer's Over ....... put your name down here and pm me your name and address please ..... you have until Friday 13th August to decide if you want to join in. V and I will do the draw on Sat 14th then I will pm you the name and addy of your SSO recipient on Sunday 15th August and all gifts have to be mailed out no later than Tuesday 31st August in time for the big reveal PARTY on Saturday 4th September!


xxxxxxx Dreamy

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That's what I thought too Goose....August is still summer and tends (coughing!!) to be our hottest month......3 months per season


We were taught Winter - Dec, Jan, Feb (winter solstice Dec - start of winter)

Spring - Mar, Apr, May (Spring equinox - clocks change Mar)

Summer -June, July, Aug ( summer solstice June - start of summer)

Autumn - Sept, Oct, Nov ( clocks change - Oct)


But I'm up for the swap!!

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