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may 6x6 scrap page swap sign up

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Happy to say I received my second page from Sarah! Its got a lovely seaside theme which I absolutely love! Thanks so much!


You can see the nice photos included in her page and on the back, she kindly gave me a description about each one. Looks like real nice places to be! :)


Aaah, we live by some bluffs but it doesn't feel like we are on a lake even though we are. Just feels like a city.




Now, I should be still getting one from Fishnet, maybe soon. Then I'll have a grand total of 5! Yeah!! And we can always add more to our own right?




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Hi everyone,

Marie don't worry,we both had blond moments!! Katy, not been to good,I have this vascular thingy,if I turn my neck certain way,I pass out,now that bits not to bad,its next part,when you wake up again,boy are you sore,seem to hit everything on way down! head always gets the worse,big eggs on it( few more dead brain cells ) Anyway I hope we are all scrapping our pages,mind who we send to,second above and below. I received a lovely page from Becki,for last swap its really lovely,will be posting pictures,soon as I feel bit better.

Take care Love Maureen x

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