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I just have to say to you all ..............

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PP, thank you for taking the time to look through all our makes on here. Some of them must look so complicated to do, but when you know how it becomes easier. (And then there are others that really are complicated! :lol: ) But as you try things you suddenly find your skills base widening and things you wouldn't have dreamed attempting last month suddenly look possible.


I do hope you have a go. If you're a leftie like me, try turning the diagrams round by using a mirror to look at them. I found trying to convert instructions in my head too complicated and this helped loads. And do something small to start with, like a mobile phone case - just a rectangle with a couple of seams. Pick your favourite colour and go on, have a go! :cheese:

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the ladies are correct, and i know i look at some of the makes (socks and crochet fail me!) and think "huh, howdya do that then?!" but the way i see it, it must be do-able, cos someone has done it!


i can remember telling a lady that i couldnt knit very well, i could only knit and purl. she pointed out "thats all knitting is, its what you do with the stitches and the yarn which makes the pattern" - which is very true!


Thank you so much for you kind compliments i know the others appreciate it, i certainly do. Jean greenhowe is defintely a way to go, as you will do everything in one small super cute toy that you would do say, for example, in a jumper ie, cast on, increase/decrease, cast off but on a much smaller scale, so you get to see your results so much quicker.


A scarf is also a good practice for garter stitch, do it in a lovely chunky yarn and you'll be warm all winter!



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