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Anyone know why I can't register with the new Let's Knit site?

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I'm a bit of a technophobe so think I might be doing something wrong but there doesn't appear to be a 'contact us' link on the site so thought I'd ask here incase anyone can tell me what I'm doing wrong.


I click on register and fill in all the details, click accept to terms and conditions then click on submit but all I get is an error message telling me that I don't have the authority to carry out this action. I know I am an administrator on this computer so it can't be that and anyway I've joined other forums and sites without a problem so I have no idea what is stopping me.


Anyone got any ideas?


Mmmmm, now I'm not sure whether I should have put this in the knitting and stitching section rather than the general chitchat??? :-S Hopeless I am indeed!

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