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Hi everyone.

I loved this months Let's Get Crafting Crochet edition.

I always find crochet instructions quite difficult to follow, but once I understand it I can't understand what was so difficult to understand in the first place!! LOL!

I crochet by having the wool in the same hand as the needle, like you would if you were knitting. I can't crochet with the wool in the hand you're supposed to do it with.


Anyway.... I bought the mag on Wednesday and completed a bag using the colours from that issue and gave it to my cousin's little girl, then yesterday I bought some lovely blue sparkley wool and made this bag... I've now got to make another one for my friend. I've also lined the inside.



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Thank you x

Yeah I really love it. It's just handy enough for purse, ipod touch, mobile and keys lol. Although the strap needed to be shorter than the pattern because once the bag had some weight in it it got a bit stretched... hence why the strap is now knotted in the middle.

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Hi all :) I loved the yarn that came with the magazine! Nice and soft and shiny :) Now i have trouble... :( used up most of the yarn making amigurumi (which kind of got too big :P) and i really want to use that kind of yarn in the future for amigurumis. does anybody know where i could get something like that? Soft, bit fluffy, shiny, not stretchy. Been today in John Lewis, Liberty, Sharp Works, All the fun of the fair. None of those shops could help me. :( (my hands are itching to make more toys and maybe an animal bag :D)

By the way, it would even help to know what material that yarn is. Anyway loving the magazine and the yarn, wish there would come out crochet magazines more often (with free stuff ofcourse :D)


added a picture of what i did with my yarn. :) (PS! this my first amigurumi ever! and i'm so proud!)


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