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Come on both of you, crochet is easy and much quicker than knitting. Also you can take it out with you and not have any needle points sticking in everything.

Give it another go.

There is no such word as can't only won't.

Take care

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I am desperately trying to do the amigurumi doll on pg 34 and I am really having difficulties with her legs. The body was easy but when I got to the bottom and counted the sts I did not have 20 like t says, I only have 15. I have done a quick calculation from the pattern and it works out every time that I have done everything right so far. Because the legs only have 7 sts in the round I am finding it very difficult plus I cannot quite get the colours to blend very well at the joining seam and am not sure what I doing wrong. I was really hoping to have it finished tonight as it is only a small project but I am so frustrated with it right now that I have already thrown it across the room once and given my hubby a scare!! Any help/suggestions or even just some calming words would be very helpful - thank you.

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