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thought i would find the start of this instead of makin a new thread


here is my witch...she doesnt have a face and hair yet as my nan is doin that and this may be the last time i see her before the sale on sat where she will be name the witch


here she is with her under clothes on and her clothes aroynd her so u can see them mroe...she can take off the gloves and shoes also


there is one with her fully clothed over the under clothes and her funky hat


what do u think now she is pretty much finished??

i am really proud of her and its the hardest thing i ahve done so far...there are a couple of mistakes but u can hardly see them :-)


She is Brilliant ! I really think you should attempt the hair and the face...after all she's your baby (so to speak). And you would get that lovely feeling of 'all my own work'. However if you really can't it'll be a nice joint effort xx

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