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Bank Holiday Monday (UK & NI) (NOT ROI!)

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Morning all! Sunny here but breezy. Chris will be off to steward again in a while & I plan to knit like a mad thing :lol: Still feeling grotty & my tummy's not good but what's new? DD phoned yesterday to say she & her partner have had an offer accepted on a house so they hope to move in the summer. It's in the same place they're living in at the moment but a bigger house & they're fed up renting. DS, DIL & Freya were at a wedding yesterday so hope the weather was ok for them.


Susie - glad bunny's ok............ ots of gentle handling & hopefully shell be fine.


Dreamy - enjoy playgroup .


Right off to get my brekkie. See you all later ............. xxx

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susie glad ur bunny is happy :-)


erm...morning all


well odd to play squash soon and really looking forward to it!!!!

managed to finishe the base of the body (pic on other area) for the witch :-) so happy so now goin to concentrate on knitted jewelery to sell and the likes :-)

i may even get to make some mroe buttons this week :-)


erm..found this asian/european moth in my candle...isnt it pretty??? its a cinneam moth or something


well the sun is shining and looking lovely out...hope it stays


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morning everyone before and after me!!!!!



well, i was woken by warwick SCREAMING at 5 am this morning - not unhappy/scared screaming, just screaming!!! this was closely followed by "fairy 1, fairy 2, fairy 3 FAIRIES.........WHERE ARE YOU!!!!!!" over and over and over and over......... We were killing ourselves laughing. he's actually still in bed dozing (not surprisingly) so i'm leaving him there for the moment!


we're off to check on the in laws house and to water their plants this morning and then popping over to see my mum as its been over a week since she saw warwick, with her being away. Incidentally, she had to be very brave on her holiday, as the lady who organises them and knows that they all know one another, but mum may not have had chance to tell them about dad, didnt let people know so mum had to tell people!! The way this lady usually is, it was a big shock that she hadnt told people, as she'd put a note on mum's invoice receipt saying how sorry she was and how glad she was mum was still going away with them, so mum naturally thought she'd done similar on other people's! still, she handled it very well by all accounts. She did tell me a funny/awful story though - the coachdriver thought he was hilarious, shame no one else did, but he battled on with inappropriate jokes and cag handled attempts at pointing out famous people's houses along the route (but could never remember who the person was, according to him a bloke called Dooberry Firkin owns a lot of houses in Dorset!). His piece de Ressistance, however was pulling up in a layby cos the traffic was bad, and THEN doing a number 2 in the chemical toilet, which fragranced the whole coach! :sick: the guide with them was so embarrassed and every single person has complained on their feedback form!!!!!!! mum said she and her friend caught him "reading" on the beach, for reading, please insert "letching at the young waitresses on their way to work" - what a creep!!!!!!


Anyhoo, on that note, i'm going to hang some washing out, cos i now can on my lovely new dryer, get HRM up for some milk and then we'll be off.


hope everyone has a lovely day!!!!!




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Bunny Suzie? Have you replaced that naughty kitten with a rabbit, or is this a knitting project?


Yep we have replaced the naughty kitten. Felt a bit guilty about it but at 9 weeks she should be easy enough for the woman we got her off to rehome. We bought Ellie the bunny on Saturday to try help cushion the blow of kitty going tbh she has been fine and rather relieved too :)


Giddy your poor brave mum! And how awful with the coach driver :red:

Jennie that is a pretty moth - enjoy squash! :-)

Buzy good news for DD and family with the house :) Can't wait to see all your lastest knits - bet you're racking them up!!!


Right off to drag Ellie into the bath or we will never get out to do the shopping ttfn!

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