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Knitting myself a clanger :)

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After discussing which kind of wool should replace worsted weight wool to knit a baby hat, I went for Dk.


Unfotunately having tried the pattern, this wool is just too thin.


So I found myself wondering what to do with all this DK wool and went for a browse on ravelry and ...


I found Oliver Postgates original clanger pattern, now my wool is white but I don't see that as a problem as I've seen quite a few adapted versions of the basic clanger around ... so excited logging off to go and knit him now :)

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I love the clangers too ... I think it was last summer channel 5 had it on every morning for about a month and I got up specially early to watch it. Oliver Postgate was a genius.


I'm going to do a black and white clanger, I have to buy felt to do his feet so it might be a while before he's finished but he will be posted I promise :)

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