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I am also a newbie here and I love looking through new blogs and get to see all the wonderful things that I can find there. It is so inspiring.

I update my blog every other day, sometimes less and sometimes even twice a day. Sadly I do write in swedish but you can allways look at my creative things. If you want to I think you can use the google translator even though I have noticed It can translate some things quite silly and funny.

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Hey everyone,


I am VERY new here having only joined about half an hour or so ago lol. Hope its okay to post in here!!


I am the worlds WORST at updating my blog and neglect it a hell of a lot, the poor thing! However, I did manage to update it the other day with some pictures of the terrible snow we have been having here in Scotland!!!! I do hope to have it more up to date in the New Year... I am now away to blog hop and follow all your lovely blogs.


Happy Crafting!

Carrie xxx


P.S. I think (!) that the link to my blog is in my signature but as I say, I am very new here so I am not to sure of what I am doing (yet!).

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Hi Carrie! You certainly have had a bit of snow up there!! (Luckily we had about two days and then it all melted!


Your signature has two http:// in it so it doesn't work, but just take one out and it will! (I already follow your blog.





yep...it works now.

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I think thats me sorted it now Lyn... Thanks for pointing that out, dont know how I managed that one!!!


I think I already follow your blog as well but no idea where I have 'met' you before!!!


Carrie xx

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