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The Yarn Round Robin in here!!!!!!!!!

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Okie, dokie, pig and a pokie! Here goes


Taking RC's seed of an idea (and her generous offer to supply the ball of wool of course), Dreamy's knitters map and my own old head of ideas that need a something to get them off the ground here's what i've come up with:-


The yarn Round Robin

1. The ball arrives through your door

2. Knit something small (pattern ideas to follow further down)

3. Pass the remainder of the ball on to the next recipient (provided by me) - posting on here that ball sent and who to.

4. Post the pic of your little something.



They do the same and so on....


Now, what to do with the little somethings??????????


This is where the other idea we were banding about for a community charity project comes in. Realistically, the little somethings will be too small for a charity shop to sell, or to be raffled, but a little person would be cheered up no end if they arrived through their door. This is where www.postpals.co.uk comes in. I wont go into massive detail here, as all the info is on the home page of the site. However, what I will say is that this site is run by a young lady who has ME. You can email a child, or send them a card or a present. You see for yourselves what the site does for these kids. Each participant here could post their little knitted something with a little card to a person on that site.

So, how do I join in??


PM me with your name and address, just as you would for a secret santa or whatever. Once we have at least 2 people (RC, sorry hun, but it will start with you as you have the wool, if thats ok?) then we're off.

The "official" (ha ha) rules

1. you can join in as many times as you like, but once you have had a go, let me know you want to go again and i'll add you on to the end of the list.


2. you can only knit 1 small item from the ball of wool. THINK LITTLE


3. You can use other yarn for sewing faces etc, but the main of it must be the ball sent to you.


4. Embellishments are fine, but bear in mind you will be sending your small something to what may be a very poorly child, so simpler may be better, especially if it is very loved and may need washing.


5. It is up to you how you send the ball of wool on, but at least get a receipt so you can track it should it go awol. similarly it is your decision how you send the little somethings on.


6. Knitting and/or crochet is fine.


7. There is no strict timescale on this, but the idea is, you put down your current WIP, do this, then pick up the sticks on your WIP again - ideally, a turn around for sending the ball on should be 2 weeks where at all possible.


Pattern ideas NB this list is by no means exhaustive, but just to give you an idea of how small we're taking - its a small amount of yarn though, not miniature knitting!


finger puppets

little animals



Soooooo, are you with me? Is this the kind of thing we would like to do?


Answers on a postcard pls, or alternatively just pm me your details!


Mod, can we have this as a sticky post please? thankies



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well, thats the thing - you wont know its you until the person sending the ball confirms its been sent - and tells you!



actually, will add that at the top too. and i've been asked whether there is a timescale on doing it - i've said that the general idea would be to start as soon as reasonably possible when the ball comes, but no timescale other than be done in a timely manner (ie, get ball, do it, post it, pick up the ufo's again) for your own knitting pace. it would be unfair to say to get it done in a specific time which may force someone to rush, or not enjoy their turn.




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