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Wedding Dress Todays Picture! Finishing Touches

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Hiya Everyone :cheese:

Im So pleased to say ive only about 4 rows to go before i CO then all ive got to do is knit up some bra style straps and Finito!

I wont be showing anymore pics til the big day now in just over a wks time!! all our wedding plans are finished except picking up the food with James's mum for the bbq/buffet and wedding themed decor

Thanks for All the kind comments over the past couple of months, they have really kept my faith that i would finish this dress without any hiccups!

emma x





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started it today, will post pics up once theres some length to it, the lys lady was very helpfull, we decided it best if i start from top to bottom and instead of increasing stitches to simply change to slightly larger needles every 4inches which is far simpler than having to increase stitches.


soo exited about this project!

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