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What is the longest time you have taken to complete a knitting project?

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Hi, my longest knit was 18 years! I was knitting a lace pattern long sleeve summer jumpter with white nobbly wool. My youngest was 18 months old. I'd done the back and was up to the point of doing the shaping for sleeves and neck front. After the third time he pulled the needles out I said "That's it! I'll finish it when he's a bit older.........3 children, working full time, and several house moves etc etc stopped my enjoyment of knitting so i put it away. 2 years ago I bought a copy of the mag which rekindled my desire for knitting - and out came the unfinished project. Yes, i finished it and i've worn it! I feel really proud that i've done it. The wool was a bit on the yellow side but it washed up fine. I've knitted several more items since, and got the bug again... :-)

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