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What is the longest time you have taken to complete a knitting project?

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I think about three years!

When I was working full time, my days were long and stressful and demanding, all I wanted was more time to knit but I was generally too zonked by the time dinner was over. And so a Sirdar Romance polo neck jumper stayed on the needles so long the wool was discontinued! Eventually I got some but it was a different lot and I was never pleased with the finished product after all that :-S !!!!!


VL - 21 years!! Wow that IS a record :-)

Jennybloggs - I would agree with Suzie, I'd finish it and wear it myself, as a snuggly reminder of him (((hugs)))

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I have a jean greenhowe grampa dumty that I started knitting when i used to travel to work on the train. I stopped travelling about 18 years ago to have DS. I finished knitting it about 3 years ago but have only half sewn it up so it is still sitting in the bag. I HATE sewing things up! I want a sewing fairy! :shut:

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