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April Fool's Day!

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That's odd Suz - at 7.35 Sharon could see you holding a camera but it's 9.10 now and I still see the crown!?




Had a TERRIBLE night, went to bed early to make up for the sleeplessness of the storm the night before, but R woke SIX times in the night, not crying or anything just walking around the house holding his bear as if it was time for breakfast! I feel totally wrecked. My bestie is caling out today so I'm going to make a quiche this morning and have it done before she arrives.


I did some knitting and crochet in bed last night, got another 3 small pieces made for my firends bag, between us all she should have enough pieces soon to put it all together and the deal is that we can share it :)

Hope you all have a nice Thursday and hope to catch up here again later...and hope SEB's are delivered in abundance today :-)

xxx Dreamy

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Now that's even weirder!!! Maybe if I switch off and on again it'll be your new avatar Suz? Well I have to go get dressed now anyway so I will log on again in an hour or so.....(not that it takes me an hour to get dressed or anything :lol:)

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Morning girlies from a very yukky Buzy who wants to go back to bed but has to go to Jobcentre for a back to work interview. They even called me at 8.30 this morning to remind me :-S Other than that I'll be doing some knitty stuff - inventing a new teapot jumper at the mo :-)


Susie - I can see your camera photo :-) Makes me smile ............


Dreamy - sorry you feel yukky too. Hope your friend takes your mind off of things..........


Jennie - caves sound scary to me :wow:


Sharon - hope today at work is better & goes very quickly so you can enjoy your days off ..............


Right off to get sorted. See you later ....................



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