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Giveaway (Photos Added)

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Hello 'seaweed' - what an intruiging name - do you live by the seaside?

Although a crafter for a few years I am new to these forums - I'm not even sure this will get onto the blog as I didn't quite know what to do. Enough of my wittering though! I really wanted to say what a lovely thing to do - to give away some of your goodies. You must be a very kind and lovely lady. Bravo to you!

From Shaw shaw

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I did use to live by the seaside, but not any more.

Don't really think of it as being kind as much as wanting it to go to good homes and get used rather than wasted. Having said that, I do liking giving things to people, although I'm not rich. If I were, I would probably end up giving stuff away all the time!

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