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My Christmas snow jacket

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hi all


well, here it is, a dodgy pic really, which doesnt do it justice.


This was bought with part of my christmas money off my mom and dad, and i felt i wanted to knit something which will last (the rest of the money was spent on some more knit pro needles, which obviously will have lovely memories of dad when I use them, as he was a watercolour artist (as you all know) and appreciated good tools as it were).


Mum has yet to see it properly as its been too wet to wear it as a coat, but it will keep me warm in the spring with just a t shirt underneath.


I am, now, very happy with it (having been a bit of an anticlimax when it was finished) - cant remember who said it, but leaving it a while and looking at it afresh worked, so will be doing that in future!!!!

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That'sbeautiful Giddy. Where did you get the pattern, it's just the sort of thing I like knitting. Well done. I think it really suits you.


thanks dark thanks sharon!


sharon, its out of the sirdar Big softie collection. I actually have it as a pull out of either lk or that other mag we sometimes peruse, if you would like it?


The collection i bought at christmas (more christmas money) has hats bags and scarves as well as this one and the one button wonder as well.


will send you the extra copy of this I have with pleasure!



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