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Toddling Tuesday

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morning all

congrats on tickets

knit and flee-i think most things are mattress stitched on in crocheting but i dont really know, i am just learning the basics :-)


today i plan on again doin 2 pieces of work, equality work and health and safety :-( *snorzes*

but i have put a bread on, done a wash and some basic tidying.

last night i crochets 2 squares :-) will post pics when i can. also knit about 5 lines of the blanket :-)


didnt get to photocopy patterns dor knitting club so will get to that asap

plan on drawing as a break today :-) when i can anyway as i have inspiration today.


its cold and grey again :-(


have fun all, shocked at the 5 pages of chattyness yest

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Morning all,


Went to bed rather late even for me!! As was knitting up the sleeve... Well a certain someone has requested me as a friend???? Also her reply was sort of getting through but in the end its quite obvious that they are set in their ways even though they are wrong!


Angel - Well done you!! Sounds great what is it??


Sharon - enjoy your footie


Buzy - Poor Chris hope he has a speedy recovery and that it bypass's you!!! Can't wait to see the jacket...


Dreamy - Have fun at PS...


Mrs H - Oscar??? Sorry if nosey


Suz - aaaawww how wonderful... Have fun today!!!


DK- Sounds great def jealous....


Well as I have been getting Charlie on the beaker ISO a bottle when he woke at 3.30am he screamed till 5.30 because he got the beaker... Which I could really have a go at the OH as Charlie was on the beaker 4 days with no probs and on sat he gave him a bottle while I was out as he forgot!!!!!!!! Gggggrrrrrr


So had to start again so this is the 3day..... Seriously men can be dufuss's sometimes.......


Have my sis over today for a late bday lunch then my antenatal appoinment today.....

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yeah no rest for the wicked lol


edited 10.35

i add on here so i dont double post :-)

knitting club stuff done and printed me out some patterns for both crochet and knitting :-) so think i shall be busy


grah..... better start my work if moodle will work...not sure but think they said it maybe on shut down which means i cant do 2 pieces of work as i only wrote down the task number...not what to do

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Hi girlies!

I've just had a PM from Kate Hemmings. Apparently busymitts hasn't got any mods at the mo so she's passed it on to the web people to have a look & she'll get back to me. Surely all sites should have mods? Anybody want to volunteer?

Chris is still throwing up & my busymitts friend has postponed her trip till April. She doesn't want to risk catching anything as she gets married in India at the end of the month. I can understand that as she has fibro like me & it takes ages to get over any germ.

Almost finished the back of my baby jacket so just off for a cuppa before I do a bit more.

See you all later.



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Morning All,


What a bunch of nattery knitters we are again this morning! :-)


Angel - wonderfull news, just the thing to lighten your day after all thats been happening at work. If he starts again you can just think of things knitty.


I had a read of 'that' blog on Buzymitts and added a comment of my own. I sat for a very long time thinking about what I wanted to say and how to say it in a way that didnt offend or give anyone a handle for another mini rant, I hope Ive succeeded(sp?).

On that line, have you all read Kates post on the end of yesterdays conversation? Lets hope thats an end to it.


I really cant rmember what everyone said except that things seemst o be on the positive side for everyone, except poor Buzy & Chris.

Its awful when someone who is usually fit as a flea gets ill. Is he a good patient or a bad one, Buzy? My Ex is an impossible patient and wont do the things hes supposed to, like stay in bed and take medicine.

He had a cold once that turned into a chest infection and, because he carried on working and dashing around, that turned into pneumonia. He collapsed at work and was taken to hospital. I got the 'Now dont worry, but.....' phone call and had to whip up to the hospital to find out what happened. They kept him in for three weeks, but even then they had to virtually tie him to the bed as he was so restless


Oh well better get on I suppose, bit of cleaning, then some more tax disks then make LOTS of pancakes for tea


Oh Fiona - was it you asking about Oscar? He's MRs H's poorly friends dog. She looks after him from time to time if her friend & OH cant. (Did I get that right Mrs H?) :question:


OMG DD1s just come downstairs and its not even mid-day yet!!! :bug:

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