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I dont like mondays

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Good heavens, 5 pages of posts on a Monday - did we all have our Weetabix this morning?1 :lol: :cheese: Well goodness knows what I'm still doing up at this hour. I'm usually almost comatose with fatigue by this hour of the evening. OH is pottering away in the kitchen making a pasta salad for our lunch tomorrow (yum yum! :cheese: ) and I've been scrabbling about with hooks and yarns and handles and stuff. The resulting concoction is on the FO thread.


Ha ha, I've got Ferris Beuler's Day Off on Film4 on in the background. Tee-hee, I'd forgotten how silly it was! :lol:


I've been keeping up with the NK stories on here and do hope the Busymitts people do something soon. No form of bullying ought to be tolerated and that's what it seems to boil down to. And if a forum is set up then surely it's their responsibility to have moderators to keep everyone safe and happy. The lady in question seems to be making comments and perhaps not necessarily realising the hurt they're causing. Don't get me wrong, I'm no way on her side - I'm a Buzy fan all the way! :-P - it's just that my mother behaves like that to everyone and ends up alienating most people she comes into contact with. She's not diagnosed with anything even though she has definite Aspergers leanings - she's completely oblivious her behaviour is unacceptable despite people telling her, so it seems pointless forcing her to go to the docs and being labelled - but what I'm trying to say is maybe this lady has a similar problem. There must be a reason why she feels it necessary to make cheap digs, but that doesn't make it right and there should be moderators to protect people. Hope that makes sense!


Guess I'd better try and wind down and get myself all tucked up for the night. Wishing you all happy dreams and snoozling! :)

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Hello ladies,


I have been reading through this thread this morning and wanted to reply.


Firstly, I apologise that you have had a problem contacting an administrator on Busymitts. Busymitts is a separate site to the forum, and not intended as a forum, and therefore it is not moderated or monitored in the same way. I am not an adminstrator or moderator on busymitts but I have been made aware of the situation as it has crossed over to the forum here. I have contacted our web department this morning, and we are currently looking into any complaints that have been made regarding this particular user.


However, I must ask, as this is a separate board, that in future, rather than posting/discussing any problems you may have on the forum, that you private message me instead. I can also be contacted at kate.hemmings@aceville.co.uk if you would like to email me.

I'm sure you understand that, although this particular busymitts user might not be a member on this board, I must ask you to put an end to the discussion via public posts. If another forum had an open discussion on one of our members here, I would contact the adminstrator and ask them to do the same - it may seem unfair, but as I said, busymitts is a separate community and therefore has seperate rules and regulations. I understand that you have received no reply thus far on Busymitts and therefore it has been frustrating for you all, but now that this is being dealt with I will be editing/removing any posts on this forum that relate to that member.


I don't want you to think I am ignoring this - we are looking into it and it would be helpful if you could PM or email me with any links or further information so we can decide on a course of action quickly.


I will be out of the office this afternoon so don't be disheartened if you do not receive an immediate reply.


Many thanks,



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