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I dont like mondays

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morning all!


Well, if i'm not at work, i like mondays, but you get my drift.


I was in bed at 9.30pm last night - OI OI I hear you cry - nope, my shoulders completely froze so the only remedy was an early night. So ready some Harry Potter and then zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


Only 2 days at work and then i've got 6 DAYS OFF!!! and i finish at 12 tomorrow as i've swapped with a mate. happy days. We are going to look in the Barnados furniture shop on Thurs when we meet mum for a new settee, this one has just about had it, and i've checked and the council collect bulky items on Fridays in our area so thats perfect timing! will store the number in my phone and if we get a settee i can ring and book it straight away. We can also get rid of the mattress in the shed too all for £13!!!


i did a bit more of my debbie bliss bear last night before i had to give up - luckily HRM slept till 6 am so not too bad there either.


anyhoo, better get my clobber on for work - catch you all later!!!!




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Morning all,


I'm with you there Giddy I don't like Mondays unless I'm on holiday. Going to get ready for work in a minute. Not sure how I'm going to wash my hair though as I noticed that the half bottle of shampoo we had yesterday is empty. Goodness knows what DS and DD did with that. It's half term here and DS has footie training all day and then he is going to sleepover at one of his team mates. Save me making a journey into Derby to pick him up. Got another pile of ironing to do after work and then will put my feet up.


Giddy - hope you manage to get sorted with the settee.

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Hello, I'm just getting myself ready for work and the wee man ready for the childminder. there's no nursery for the next few days - in-service days - so he gets a bit longer in his bed in the mornings.


I've got butterflies in my tummy. I'm a bit anxious about work today because of the complaint I sent my boss and senior manager on Friday. I don't know if my boss will be back today (he was off sick) but I guess that if he's not, my senior might take it on. Ho hum. I'm going to hold my head up, stick to my guns, stand my ground, etc, etc and see what comes. And I'm going to try not to get worked up. I hate confrontation and I also try very hard not to get angry, but when I get really frustrated because I'm angry, it manifests itself in tears, and then I end up feeling daft. So, I'm going to try very hard to remain cool, calm and collected - and hope this gets addressed today!


Wish me luck!


Enjoy settee shopping Giddy.

I hope your ironing pile goes down quickly Sharon.


Have a lovely day the rest of you1


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Morning girls,


I don't mind Monday's actually, we have playgroup which passes the morning, then the afternoon flies. I normally have choir practice monday night but OH's timetable has been changed again *grrr* so it looks like I'll have to give it up again.


Anyway as I said off to get ready for playgroup so chat later xxx have a good day everyone xxx

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Morning everyone :)


I generally like Monday's too now as I get a bit of peace and quiet with the OH at work and I can generally get stuff done without him being under my feet! Still feeling rotten with my cold and it feels like every muscle I have is aching from it :-S Ellie is bouncing around with suggestions like "lets go to town!" and "lets make cakes!" and I'm just feeling bleugh :long: Anyway the cake baking will be on for later as I have to make bread so may as well do cakes too :-) DS1 arrives tonight so lots to do yet to get the place tidied as a lot of it went by the wayside yesterday with going to the coast and with me feeling ill. I'm really excited though and can't wait to show him the sights :cheese:


Angel best of luck at work today - sounds like you react the same way I do so I understand how you are feeling and I also hope the do something today about the situation and not leave it for a few days xxxxx


Dreamy have fun at playgroup!


Sharon what more ironing? It seems your lot are just as good at creating ironing as they are at using up all the shampoo!!!!


Giddy hope your shoulder is feeling better and brilliant that you get 6 days off soon :)


Right best get on I suppose!!!

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