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It's nearly the end of the week!

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afternoon all


just posted my challenge pic on - have also put it on my giddyknits group on FB for sale as a one off - who knows, someone might snap it up - if not, I shall be carrying it with pride come the spring. I may even do a lining for it!


I'm just posting pics then off to start tea/wait for tesco delivery/wait for friend to come for her avon - tis a busy life!



hope we are all oke dokie - rc, your story made me laugh - but what a nutter, imagine if someone in a wheelchair was in there browsing, is she gonna tell them they cant sit around reading all day?!? silly moo.


ta ta for now



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Just arrived home from work to find a parcel had arrived for me this morning and it's my prize. It's absolutely packed with yarn.






well done you though, it was a lovely cardigan


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woo half term here i am!!!!

i have 8 assigments to do over half term and i have decided i will start tomorrow, i have gotten lazy lately but i think i want to relax and sort out my new netbook. need to load up stuff to start it up and things...so will be playin on that later :-) may even leave a message form it here lol

my comp was sulkin this morning really didnt wish to play but seems fine now, just a bit slow, will clear it out afterwards.

OH bak today...he says he got me a small gift??random but nice anyway, really excited to see what it is. he prob back about 7-ish

put a wash on and i thinkin on tea....did i hear something about a cornish pasty (i know it was on a tea cosy..but mmmm cornish pasty)??


need to sort out my books to sell on ebay and charity some, my good deads and recycling :-)


anyhu i have a small headache and i know its not dehyfration i ahve drunk 4x the normal amount i drink........unless my brain is now swimming.....???


due to be another really cold evening here tonight :-( more hot water bottles needed lol

have a lovely evening all

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Hello all


It's our half term too Jennie wahay! Hubby has organised for us to go to Manchester for the chinese new year I'm sooooooo excited :lol: Just hope we don't get snowed in!

Love to knit it's good to see you back and I love your avatar. Is it a pic of bump.

Angel hope your day was better today, you're quite right to stand up to him, he sound as though he is a very insecure person and can only feel worthwhile if he is bullying someone.

Dreamy hope your back feels better soon.

Sharon look forward to seeing pics of your prize.

Buzy just been on to see what all the hullaballo on Busymitts was all about, my goodness you have had a time of it. Unfortunatly you are always going to get people who like to stir things up for effect. She obviously doesn't appreciate the effort that you put into each unique piece that you create. Buzy keep doing what your doing and don't let " little miss green-eyed monster " cause you to lose any sleep.


Cant remember what anyone else has said.

Have a good night I'm away to sort out some tea.

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