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It's nearly the end of the week!

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I would have answered her back too, but she disappeared back into her office before I had a chance. They have actually lost all of our families custom for it, but unfortunately in this city they won't notice that. If I catch her around I shall probably point and say "Oh look, there is that rude woman."


Andrea, it is YOUR house, you keep it however you like (or not bother), end of story.

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Hello, hello


Been a busy bee again, so didnt post yesterday.


Spent a large part of the day, yesterday, spending birthday money - what fun. And although I didnt go to the LYS I did get some wool in poundstretcher and the RSPCA charity shop.


Took my hats into the Big Issue office and they were really pleased, so pleased that theyve said they'd like some more so it looks like Im going to be doing that pattern for a while longer.

Got home, walked the dog, then off to DD2s school for part 2 of parents evening, after that I got tea (chinese) and then just slobbed on the sofa till about 9 when I manageed to dredge up enough oumph to cast on a Giddy hat.


We had Forest school this morning, although we spent the morning indoors as the school are recruiting another teacher and the 4 short-listers each had a short session with the children. In between, we researched trees - what, where,what would happen if we didnt have them, whats the oldest and so on.

Didnt get away till 1 then got grabbed by the PTA Chair who wanted to run some stuff by me before tonights Disco (phew!)

Going to take the d.o.g. out in a mo then get an early tea on as I'll be at the school from 4.45 for the lower, then the upper school discos.


Sounds like everyones been having 'interesting' times.

Im off to Busymitts now to have a look at Buzy's 'Un-patriotic' things and post some on my own makes.



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My you have been busy KP. Hope you get some time to yourself as well.


I'm signing off for a while now as have knitting to do and need some lunch.


Will probably be on later tho as have some pics to upload. I realised that I'd never shown you all the top I did last year from a pattern I designed myself so thought I'd take a pic and show you all that as well as the little bootees I've done from this months LK.


Anyways see you all later



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Afternoon all! :)


Just back from my visit to the chiropractor. Apparenty I have a degenerative disc in lower lumbar region which has been the cause of all my pain and discomfort :long:

I logged on from my phone during the bus journey home and read all your posts which was enjoyable, I tried to submit a reply but again it didn't work...I wonder why?


Anyway I had some work done on my back and have to go back again in 5 days, I am in discomfort now as a result but I hope it wi subside soon.


I wonder how Angel is getting on at owrk? That fellow she had the run in with....sounds like he was on a bit of a power trip to me :roll:


RC - Isn't it sad that shopkeepers are gone so compacent that they can now treat their customers in this way? It's a disgrace. There was a time not so long ago when competition was the name of the game and shop owners treated potentia customers with respect. hhaaarrruummmpph!!!!


Sorry gone a blank! Hope you're all okay and enjoying a stress free day, we're off to the recycing facility after dinner so bfn xxx Dreamy :)

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