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It's nearly the end of the week!

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Sorry, but it's Thursday, it's nearly the weekend, and although we have no huge plans I'm quite excited about it :-)


Off to work for me today to probably continue the row that started last night. Fun, fun, fun. I'm sticking to my guns and I know I'll have the backing of my other colleagues, so it's fine. And it didn't spoil my sleep at all. Sometimes this sort of thing would, but I just thought sod it and zonked out :lol:


I'll hopefully catch up with you later. I need to go shopping after work so not sure if I'll get a chance to log on.

Hope it's a good day for the rest of you and that those of you with bad heads now have good heads, and those who needed oomph wake up with plenty!



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Morning all,


off to work this morning. My last day this week as I have a day off tomorrow. Going to try and empty MILs house tomorrow so we can get it on the market for the Spring. Woke up with another headache today. That's 3 days out of 4 this week.


Angel - hoping everything goes well for you today and that you get things sorted at work.

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Morning all,


Well Charlie was really bad last night, and I thought I would have to take a trip to the hospital, but he had dinner!!!! And seemed better after.... Went college and have to def start revising now.... As will be doing practice exam after practice exam from March.....

Got back and finished the right side of the cardi and casted on the first sleeve but was knackered so went bed zzzzzz.


Charlie woke up at 7.30am this morning in a stinky crying mood.... So dosed him up and gave him a bit of breaky and seems a bit more perky now...


Jake is just up so better go....


Angel - Goodluck today...


Sharonh- Have a good day at work...

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Morning :)

Wow you were a chatty lot last night! I stayed off the pc to finish my dads hat (pics later) and I was also still feeling a bit poo with the head. Woke up with a funny head again this morning. Well anyway Ellie woke at 5.30am but persuaded her to go back to sleep - she had a blocked nose so may have caught daddy's cold. She woke next at 8am so a bit of a lie in for me.


Head allowing I may take the car out later just to mooch around Tesco and see if there are any bargains I can spend my vouchers on. OH is going to be fiddling with his helicopter so that will keep him busy.


Angel hope you manage to sort this bloke out - sounds like he's taking the opportunity to offload his work while the real boss is away - lazy get!!!

Fi hope Charlie improves for you today - what a worry!

Sharon hope your head clears :)


Right off to check other stuff now - hopefully speak later - or soon if I can!!!

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Morning all - it's really cold here but no snow yet. We had a few flurries yesterday but they didn't settle. Another bad night so staying in & knitting. I'm meeting up with a friend from busymitts next Sat so I'm making her a teapot jumper as a wedding pressie. Need to finish that & a couple of other bits. Talking about busymitts nasty knickers has posted again about my blue & white egg cosies after I asked her not to post about any of my work!!!!! This is what she put;


"Could be patriotic red white and blue - just a suggestion. Nice colour"


Nicer criticism but then somebody put


" love them , colour is great as they are look better in just the two colours xx"


I think they'd look very tacky & not me in red, white & blue - like something you'd get in a tourist shop in London!! Just wish she'd shut up GRRRRR!!


Angel - hope your day at work goes well ........................ stick to your guns.....yo uve got others on your side which is good.


Sharon - hope your work day goes quickly.


Fi - hope Charlie's less grumpy....


Right off to do a few bits so I'll see you all later.



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Good Morning ladies - didn't get on the pc yesterday as busy foodshopping and cleaning house so when I finally got to sit down I picked up my needles and that was it for the rest of the day. Not much on today as MIL and FIL coming round this afternoon (hence the mad cleaning session yesterday lol) so just gonna fill my time with my needles. Will have a couple of pics to go the FO's thread later.


Angel - hope you get things sorted at work


Sharon - hope work goes well for u 2


L2K4MB - hope Cahrlie feels less grumpy for you.


Su2ie hope your poorly head doesn't develop and u feel better soon


Buzy - All your work is lovely and I really do think Miss Nasty Knickers is just jealous at the massive talent you have and she obviuosly doesn't.


Hope evryone has a good day.



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