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Knitting Accountability 2010

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right, update on me


Giddy's list:


1. Michael Jackson doll - to be finished by the end of the month - UPDATED - FINISH BY 14TH APRIL - finished 7th April


3. Baby blanket - Again to be finished by the end of the month - UPDATED - FINISH BY 14TH APRIL- finished 14th April (phew!)



4. 2 x baby items for friend at work - probably toys, 1 pink 1 blue - have the yarn no excuses - BY 30TH APRIL


5. Ted E bear and easter bunny order - obviously by Easter - EASTER BUNNY DONE - TED E. BEAR 30TH APRIL


6. Ted E bear - no particular rush for this one, best to say end of MAY



1. Start knitting some stock of baby items from my stash of patterns - i have yarn and patterns so no excuses there.


2. I also pledge to knit at least 1 item from my magazines per month - even if its only a phone cover or something. i am sick of having a mental list (in every sense of the word mental!) and never getting round to doing it. NOT DOING SO WELL ON THIS!



3. practice my crochet more - i cracked it a bit, then left it, now i'm all hamfisted again!

i'm in a bit of a "take 1 thing off my pledge, add 4 more!" lol never mind, keeps me outta trouble.





Lil update on me xxxx

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