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Knitting Accountability 2010

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I thought it was probably time for a new start on the pledge making system, for those of us that liked it last time, and anyone new that wants to join in.


The idea is that you think of something you want to achieve Knittingwise, which is challenging enough for you to want some encouragement/nagging about, declare what it is in a post on this thread, and everyone else in the thread chases you up about it, in order to strengthen your resolve, and hopefully cause you to get it done sooner or better than you would alone.


I realise people might have made New Year's Resolutions, but this is slightly different because here there is group support and we don't wait for a change of year to go for it, it is individual and anytime. If anyone wants a hand keeping their NYResolutions though, simply make your pledge to keep your Resolution, to give us all permission to hold you to it :-) .


Feel free to ask questions, or for help deciding what to Pledge.

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Thanks for doing this again RC. It's such a good idea!


I pledge to try to be more adventurous with my knitting - ie to learn some new skills.


I also pledge to knit a Superman toy for Callum because I meant to do it for Christmas but just didn't have the time.


Pledge one will be an ongoing thing and I'll givce myself til the end of January to (hopefully) achieve pledge two.




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Jan, yes I will have a Pledge, we all join in together, I don't preside over it above everyone else :lol:. I am just working out what my Pledge should be, I cannot be doing with resurrecting the previous thread, and it is a very long read anyway, so to give you some examples of what people Pledged before, from memory...


Finnish a specific project.

Get a project done by a certain deadline.

Not to buy yarn until...a date, a WIP is done, or a certain amount of stash has been used up.

Limited number of projects on the needles at once.


My last one was to Get Knitty Organised, and that is now a WIP in itself...I have a list of WIP's to finnish, a list of new projects to do and a list of yarns required in order to complete both lists. I also made two yarn stash bags by adapting two old jumpers, so now all my yarn is either boxed or bagged. I still have lots of small bits of knitty equipment strewn everywhere, and no list of what I want in terms of gear, so that is still to do.


Angel, an ongoing Pledge is fine, but if you could state what specific skills are more adventurous...just at some point, no hurry...that will make it easier to keep track of, not to mention help if we can.

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Ok, I have my pledge worked out, no new project ideas until I have done half of my existing lists.


Oh, yikes this could be interesting. :-S

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