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Info on how to upload pics

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Noticed that some new members are getting a bit stuck on how to upload photos. So I put this together.

To upload photos


1. Use something like Microsoft Picture Manager and shrink to 100-200mb in size

2. Come on here and post a topic

3. At the bottom you will see a browse button click on that and pick the phot you want

4. Click preview

5. Repeat 4 & 5 until you have all the pics you want

6. Click submit post


Hope this helps


Jan xx

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When in Picture Manager if you lookat the toolbar there is a button 'edit pictures' click on that. A menu will pop up on the right.. At the bottom there is 'change picture size' click on 'resize'. Where it says 'custom width and height' put in the first box only '350' or '400' then click 'ok' at the bottom. This will resize your picture.


If you need to crop, ie take out any bits you dont want shown, after you have got the menu on the right, you will see in the middle 'edit using these tools' click on the 'crop' button. This will bring up little black edges at the corners and middle of the pic. Just click on one of these and 'drag' to crop as needed. Then click on 'ok' when ha


Hope this helps.


Love jan xx

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That is a windows picture programme Jane mine comes on automatic when I download a picture

then you can fix it from there

look in your programmes and see if you can see it, depends which version of windows you have

mine is vista xx

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