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Knitting in PJ's Club ............

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O this is a good idea, I always knit in my pj's usually in bed listening to the tv!


I guess i'll be first to post a piccie, this was taken a good while ago when I first took up knitting, must be over a year old but I'm in my pj's in our living room! :lol:


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great club to be in tho, never having to worry about what to wear!


Not entirely true!!


Do I wear the flannel star ones, the love heart ones.. or the pink fleece kitty ones.. or maybe just the "silly moo" vest and shorties.. arrrrghhhh choices choices! I love to just sit in my pj's and knit, so warm and comfy. And yep, I feel fat and frumpy in mine! I did buy them a size larger than what I really am so that they didn't cling in places! They tend to want to make ya bum and tum look huuuuge!

But who cares :)


I finished my dads hat off while wearing my fleece kitty pj's tonight, well... the pants to the kitty, and the silly moo top.. :lol:

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Definatley count me in, there is nothing better than jammies to keep you warm and cosy :)


Tonights choice of PJ's are Hello Kitty silk ones from H&M, they are ones I am not ashamed of (I dont have many of these he he) I may post a piccie another night as I am properly in bed now waiting to watch Russell Brand's Christmas ponderland on 4+1 hehe :)


Happy knitting!!


Aims x

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