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3 day felted bag!

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thank you ladies!!


Felting is basically making the wool harder instead of soft and stretchy, its really useful for bags like the above because you can put lots of stuff into the bag without it stretching too much.. so to felt you need yarn that is 100per cent wool, knit up your item larger than you want it to be as when felting it will shrink and put it in the wash on a high setting but low water setting with an old pair of jeans so that it agitates :) the result will be a fabric that is stronger than the normal knitted item..


I hope that makes sense! :red:

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Su2ie, you know you want to knit another bag, your wool and needles are calling for you, I can hear them!!! ;-P


As always thank you for your lovely comments ladies :)


:lol: think I will have to make one soon!

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