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black n white cardy, first big project

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here is my cardy, front n back, only 1 more row when took the pic of crochetin round the collar.....half is left now :-) but u cant really tell the last finishin row so here it is. i been workin on it for about 3 or 4 months

not sure weather to add buttons yet. plus i think i went wrong on the front parts as one side doesnt match so may have done 2 left sides by mistake lol


anyhu what do u think for my first big project??


plus its been entered into the magpie compitition :-)

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well done you that is lovely!



instead of buttons, how about looking for a clasp so its edge to edge? will hide the problem you pointed out (which I'd not noticed, and no one else will ever see or guess, so dont tell anyone!)




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