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How many WIP's have you on the go?

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well, only have 1 cast on but here's what I have to do


Santa toy


christmas stocking


baby poncho and arm warmers


the above are paid orders




hat for OH

gloves for OH

secret santa

something for HRM

something for mum

something for mil


oh, and anything else I can fit in!







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At the mo only two - a 'scraps' blanket thats knitted on a circular needle and uses up all those tiny little bits of DK that arent big enough for anything else - like Darks its one of those things you can just pick up and put down whenever - a 'no think' project, also Ive just started the little bib from last months LK - the input/output one. Its making up really quickly and I think there will be enough yarn left to make either another bib or a little two tone teddy - for my smallest great nephew (9months).

Like Giddy Ive lots of things to be doing for chrimbo.

hat and scarf sets for various

Pair (possibly two pairs) of socks for sister

want to do the aran weight jumper from the last LK - the one with the lacy collar - for ME!

Plus various other thingys for the girls

Oh! and one of dd1s friends is 13 next week and loved the iPod cosies I did for the make a difference day, so I might wizz one of those up quickly


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Giddy, I really don't know where you find the time, I really should be more disciplined.


Just finished Wanda


1 - My tank top

2 - My hat - finished knitting, just got all the sewing up to do

3 - Now Wanda's finished, tonight i'm going to cast on a 'pompom ish' scarf with my lidl wool :cheese:


When I started typing this I started to panic that i've only one project actually on the needles, since meeting you lot :lol: I normally have at least 2 WIPs


BUT I also have a tank top for Daniel and my SS to do

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