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How many WIP's have you on the go?

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Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm..................now that is a question..... :-/


1 My tank top that I started in May, done the back, just got to start decreasing for the armholes, it is in Wendy 4ply.......that is my excuse....hee hee


2 Halfway thro no 2 sock knitted with Noro Sock wool, again 4ply....................haven't touched that in a couple of months just got to pick up the stitches at the gussett not much left of that really I could get that done in a weekend if I put my mind to it......!


3 Doing a load of Jean Greenhowe Christmas Stockings for hanging on the tree for folk for part of their Christmas, this is great fun, designing different ones for everyone and adding wee bits and pieces on to them.........and they only take about an hour to do.


That seems to be it.............I honestly thought I had more...........mind you I have finished my ghosties and pumpkins for le weekend.




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1 Tie front cardigan started in June, done the back 1 side and 1 sleeve,its 4ply and never seems to grow.

2 SS gift

3 Christmas pressie for friend

4 shrug cardigan for daughter

5 Jean Greenhowe mini santas

6 Hat and scarf for DD's friend


I really need to finish at least one of them before start anything else

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I try to be pretty strict with myself over WIP's because there are so many lovely things I want to make but can't afford to.


Currently I have two WIP's but really.. it's one - it's the Wuv You Alan Dart Pattern. A bear and a Kitten. Identical body parts so I just doubled the amount since I needed 2 arms, 2 legs, I made 4 of each.. I just need to make two nappies and a mitten and I'm done.

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