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!!!!!!!!!THURSDAY, THURSDAY and finally more THURSDAY!!!!!!!!!!

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Chatty lot today! I've always been tempted to buy my groceries online because then I wouldn't be tempted by the things I don't really need.


BF took us out today, we did a trip to HobbyCraft, where he offered to treat alex and myself to some bits. Alex spent her money, but I didn't. I wanted to spend mine at Kemps :lol: more for ya money heh! Then we went for a chinese lunch - no wonder I'm so big! And then off for the rest of the day in Weymouth, passing a knitty shop en route to the beach, I went in and bought some garishly pink dk to knit my sister a hat in. Hopefully it's the kinda pink she wanted! It was even cheaper than my LYS, shame I didn't have more money though.

We did have a few hiccups with Alex who seems to think she deserves something from every toy shop she sees, and at least every toy machine, but she soon settled down and forgot about it.


Need to finish sewing up my bits, did manage to get quite a bit done last night though so not much left to do, but saying that! I still need to sew Alex her halloween costume, and decide on a design for pumpkin.


I promised alex a few mins on the pc before bed, so I best follow through, hopefully she has forgotten and wants to go to bed instead :cheese:

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Evening all.


I got a reply from Su2ie - She says Hi to everyone, she's in the new place but still no internet so feeling a bit lost. If anyone has a message they would like passing on i'll gladly oblige.


Been to town today, bought some wool for my SS (I love it, don't know if i'll be able to give it away!!! Might have to go and buy some more :lol: :lol: )


Nearly finished my halloween item, hope I get it done and pics posted in time, in fact i'd better go and do some more now.

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aww glad su2ie is ok :) I miss her!!


Have been very good today and done some more of timmy plus finished my shrug and yep it is now my shrug not Lillies! :lol: Have been extra good because Ive managed to go a whole day without buying wool (I think I have a problem you know! :lol:) I must start thinking about my SS but Im just not sure at all at the moment, but had better try and wean the stash down a little and I need to do some more tidying, my room looks like an explosion in a wool shop... my cones seem to be all over the shot!!


Buffy - cant wait to see your Halloween item! :)

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