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I dont like Mondays

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I haven't evolved yet and I'm not a morning person :lol:


I got out of bed quick cos dd said she wanted to go back home for a lil while and was going to catch a lift back with bf's mum n bro who were heading out there anyway, but she's not dressed and couldn't even decide if she did want to go after all. So were here alone for a bit, but I'm going to drag her to the local shops here for a walk and maybe a nibble/feed the ducks or even go to the park if she's up for a play.


I said to bf I can't wait till weds, really struggle sleeping here and I feel like crap because of it, makes me really feel for those of you who struggle to sleep on a regular basis.


Katy glad you had a good day, and so did your lil man. It's a nice feeling when your child is the one being good, and the others aren't :lol: I'd put a complaint in to the council if I were you, how dare that real refuse truck not stay outside your house, though, on the other hand it may end up ponging a bit, so maybe the small one might just make up for it!


I really want to get some knitting done, not done any since thursday now. I just didn't plan to stay here for so long so only brought alex surprise stuff, which I can't exactly do in front of her grrrr and I dont want to use the lidl stuff as I didn't buy any of the dk, and not sure what I want to do with the other stuff yet, so might buy a cheap ball when we nip down town later.


Dark, the borg said resistance is futile, I wonder if they were talking about wool purchasing :lol:


Right, gonna go get something to eat maybe and definitely a drink. Might wake me up a bit. Hope everyone has a lovely day!

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grrrrr this dam work is sooooo hard :-( how can i write about my beliefs and background influences that can help me in a health professional position??


Analyse how personal beliefs and value systems may influence own anti-discriminatory practice.

To achieve M3 Write a detailed analysis of how your personal beliefs and value systems may influence your own anti-discriminatory practice. Refer to areas such as disability, ethnicity and cultural differences and how your own background and values may impact on your attitudes to service users and related issues.

thats what i have been given to achieve a merit :-) i have wrote 2 pages in about 3 hours and i still dont know what i am on about....but then again i stoped for 45 mins to watch merlin on catch up bbc iplayer lol with coffee and a a gold bar :-)

ay this rate i wont get round to buttons or knitting


any help would be good, if anyon knows anything about equality, diversity and rights. the thing is i dont mind other religions and races i dont like dribble or spit and people who speak gangster o and ppl who dont respect me and the country we are in....(BNP eat ur heart out...sorry bad taste joke, no offence to ppl who hate BNP or not )

aarrghhh sorry for going on maybe another break is at hand

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Hello knitty companions. :cheese: I do love having you guys to natter with. You're all very dear to me. :)

Sorry to hear some of you are feeling poorly. I'm sending get-better-quick vibes in your direction and specially lots-of-deep-sleep vibes for Buzy. XXX


Oracle, I don't know what to suggest with your assignment. Just reading the brief sent me shivering under my desk hoping it would go away! :gulp: If you're managing to get stuff down on paper - even if you think it's rubbish at this stage - that's the best thing you can do. You can always crop out the crap later. Good luck and keep going - the pain will end soon! :cheese:


Well I don't have much to report today, other than an extreeeemely boring snoozathon (a-hem) I mean meeting this morning at work. I thought it would never end! Oh, I do have a funny story for you. No telling the boys OK! I had a complete tights disaster this morning. I put on an old pair of 70 deniers under a skirt (I live in jeans normally, but felt like making an effort for some reason today) and hadn't realised just how much they'd shrunk in the wash. I managed to pull the waist band up to somewhere near my waist area, thought "hmm, that'll do - it's under a skirt and no-one will know" and came to work. Of course, then I found out that walking about actually made them work their way down my legs and they were busy pulling my undies with them! :red: Argh!!! What could I do? I spent a while before lunch hoiking them up hoping my knickers weren't gonna end up round my ankles and then leapt in my car and scuttled into Boots for a new pair. They come all the way up to my waist (and probably beyond if I hoiked them up like I did the other pair) and I feel much safer now my pants are back where they should be. :red: When you've all stopped laughing you can write your messages of support below! :lol: :red:

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When you've all stopped laughing you can write your messages of support below! :lol: :red:


I think the new tights are support enough :lol: Glad you got them sorted finally, I can imagine the embarrassment, would put me off tights for life!


Good luck with the report, I refuse to let my brain do anything strenuous like thinking, so I'll be of no help to you :lol:


I was a baaaaad girl! Once I'd woken up enough to drag alex down town, we nipped into the cheapy shop that sells cheapy yarn which I squished, moaned and drooled over - the moaning was cos should I or shouldn't I, not to mention the eugh moans for the horrid feeling stuff.

Anyway, I didn't in the end, and we moved on to the next store, where they had some cheap beads. Argh. I picked them up and was sorting through my purse - I'd forgotten to visit the cash machine at the top of the street, so I was on piddly coins and alex wanted a toy whale - I gave in to her, why did I do that, she's too spoilt and needs to learn NO you don't get a toy from every shop.

Anyway! I put the beads back - oh yes I did! I haven't taken my jewellery making stuff out of its box for a few months, so figured I'd be best leaving the beads where they were, and we went into the next cheapy shop, where I wasn't quite so strong.

I bought six balls of funky wool. Three mixed greens and three purple and black. In my defence, they were 3 balls for £2, and oooooh soooo soft and squishable and according to Alex they even passed the snuffle test! Think they may become scarves for friends, but not sure yet.


And even better news for me, I'm going home tomorrow night!!! Woooo! So cannot wait to get my head on my own pillow and have a nice peaceful nights sleep without any flippin high pitched ringing or humming, I so cannot wait!

BF's parents are both busy on weds so they can't take me home, his bro offered, but I don't want to make him go out of his way, plus the whole social thing - do I invite him in for a drink afterwards for bringing us back etc. I'll pass, "BF you're taking us home tuesday night, ok!" Though we'll be back at the weekend :down: I do save money while I am here, but I lose sleep, dunno which I'd prefer to gain tbh!

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wish i could refuse to think... :-(

needs to be done for monday and i have 2 more due the week after so tryin my best to get crackin but merlin keeps catchin me on bbc iplayer as i havent caught any on the tele lol

i have wrote about some difficulties and some of my background and why i am a non-judgmental-ish person as long as i get respect ut i cant make it flow as i realy cant follow what i am doin, i ahve asked my freind and she gave up after half a page (at least it not just me struggling with this) it also makes me wonder if i will be able to try for distinction work since this is soooo super hard


anyway hope we are happy and jolly, i have just had soup for lunch :-)

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Oh Moo..Monday and new wool! What a great way to start the week :)


K&F you made me laugh out loud :lol: at least they didn't fall down at the meeting :lol: :lol:

One time I overslept for work and got dressed in a MAJOR hurry. I pulled on the jeans I'd been wearing the day before and ran to catch my lift to work. The man driving the van was very nice and chatty .............................. then I glanced down and realised :red: :red: that when I'd undressed the night before yesterdays knickers were stuck in the leg of my jeans and had worked themselves down while I was running to catch the lift and were now poking out the leg of my jeans :lol: :lol: :lol: :red: :red:

I nearly CHOKED and went the colour of beetroot and had to try push them back up till we got to work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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