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I dont like Mondays

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morning all



well, back to work for me today BOOOOOO! still, only in till wednesday and then 2 days off so its not so bad. Yesterday, HRM's birthday meal went down a storm - my lil man was extremely well behaved (unlike the Heathens running around and screaming) at one point I thought I'd either died and gone to heaven or gone deaf, until my mom enlightened me - la famile Scream had left the building (3 boys, none of them happy - all of them crying/screaming/fighting) - my lad just wanted a walk round in between his dinner and pudding and then was fine. My bro was over the moon, he only leant down to put something on the floor when they arrived at the table, and warwick moved in and gave him a big smooch on the cheek! Warwick had a refuse truck off his uncle and auntie and he absolutely loved it - it will take the sting out the fact that the real one wont stay outside our house for him to watch it. we did have a very tired little man here last night, who was asleep in seconds and didnt murmour till early hours but I've just let him jabber on.



hope everyone has a good day today! I finished my chunky hat last night - pics to follow




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Morning Katy and Sharon and everyone else to follow. Katy that sounds like a lovely family meal out!


Anyone miss me? Haven't been on the forum since Friday!OH has had a few days off and we've been going places and visiting etc.

Today is a bank holiday here so we're going to finish decorating the baby's room and bring the boys to the swimmming pool later.

Sorry I haven't been around to chat but every time I go to switch on the pc someone or something needs my attention!


Hope all's well. I won't have time to read up on Sat and Sun threads until tomorrow so I won't know what the latest gossip is until then!


Finished my ssecond halloween teapot jumper and started my secret santa gift last night! Looking good so far :)


Hopefully catch up later but with OH home it's unlikely - He's itching to look at the Halloween Knitting Challenge entries but I won't tell him my forum password :lol: :lol:


BFN have a good day xxx Dreamy

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hey all sorry not been on come down with a case of flu...a real nasty one with dizzyness and the lot, i am livin on contact now, i love that pink stuff. it works wonders

so will be doing some equality work on my beliefs and some housework and maybe some more button making since i have some new glittered ones to play with :-)

well have done some housework but still loads to do as i havent done anything since friday :-(

grrr this half term will be fun...i will make sure i get some knitting in as i want to do my cardy or at least a good chunk :-)


hope everyone is ok

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Morning all! Sorry I wasn't around yesterday but had a really bad night & day - didn't do much apart from sitting curled up knitting. It was all I had the energy to think about................. Feel a little better today & the weather's absolutely GLORIOUS :cheese: I've just got to make the quilted liner for a teapot beanie & that order will be finished :cheese: Need to think about Secret Santa but brain a bit fogged - well more than a bit :-S I'm going to make a couple of hottie covers for the craft fair so I'll get started on that today. Need to pop out for face polyfilla & mascara & maybe some cheap but nice Aran for the covers. Other than that I'm taking it easy.


Giddy - glad you had such a lovely day yesterday - what a lovely HRM you have :-)



Sharon - have a good day :-)


Dreamy - I had missed you although I've not been around much over the weekend either. I'm a bit stuck with my Secret Santa - glad you're zipping along with yours tho!


Right off to fix "bed hair" & apply a ton of polyfilla :lol:


Enjoy half term for those with littlies & a good day for everyone else too!

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Awww Katy sounds like you had a wonderful meal for your little mans birthday :)


Sharon - hope you have a lovely day


Dreamy - how could we not miss you my dear? Glad to hear you're keeping your password under wraps too :lol:


Jennie - I hope you feel better soon, flu's not nice especially over half term


Buzy - sorry to hear you've been feeling under the weather too, hope you enjoy your day out :)


As for me Im hopefully going into our nearest 'spoons for lunch with my sister and the sprogs which will be great cos it feels like I havent seen them in ages. Whilst Im there Im hoping to pop into the other LYS and get some buttons (but Im determined not to buy any wool, I already have enough to open a shop Im sure!) Right had better go pop the kettle on, and see if we've got any bacon left to rustle up a butty then I need to press on with my scarf I guess.... its getting there, got a decent length on it already :)

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