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Secret Santa Update

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1. Giddyknits Received

2. Dreamyknitter Received

3. Su2ie Received

4. Sharon_dcfc Received

5. Squeakiemouse STILL WAITING

6. Buzyknitting Received

7. Hatfull Received

8. Buffyflump Received

9. Angel8676 STILL WAITING

10. Mrs. Eric Northman Received

11. Pinklizzy Received

12. Knittingporky Received

13. The_Oracle_Jennie Received

14. Mollymoppit Received

15. Love2knit4meboys Received

16. KnittingqueenUK STILL WAITING

17. Littlemisselvis STILL WAITING

18. Darkangelknits Received

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Oh I do hope those who haven't had theirs receive them in the post tomorrow :red:

Hmmm is Sporticus up to the task Dreamy thats a lot of stockings he has to fill!!! Hope he's been working out :lol:

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