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Secret Santa Update

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Right then, the draw is taking place this weekend! Everyone involved has been assigned a number and Sporticus will pick numbers at random from 1 to 18. eg 2 to 11, 16 to 9 and whoever number 2 is, gets to make a pressie for number 11 etc etc.


I will be sending out the details of your recipient over the coming days.


I am aware that it seems a little early, but I'm also conscious of the fact that we all seem to have so much on our plates already...some are knitting gifts for family members, some are trying to complete several wip's in time for Christmas, some are fulfilling orders and knitting for LYS's, not to mention those of you taking part in different challenges etc.

So I thought that if you knew who you were making/buying for nice and early it might take some of the pressure off and you will have loads of time to think about it and get organised....hope that's okay :) I'm just not the 'last-minute' type!


Whoever does this next year feel free to make up your own rules!!!


The upper limit on the price of your purchase should be around £5/€7. Remember that you have to pay for postage as well! No-one said they didn't want to post outside the UK so I'm assuming whover gets Su2ie and I, is aware of the fact that we are in ROI. Similarly if we get someone in the UK we will have to pay a little extra too. If you're making something try to use up some of your stash. Your gift should be knitty related but not necessarily christmassy. Remember to include your screen name with your gift so that the lucky recipient knows who sent it to them!!!


There's no point in sending the gifts too early as I know many (including me) would not have the willpower to leave it under the tree. Aim to have your present completed, wrapped and posted, in plenty of time to arrive at it's destination no later than Friday 19th December. (allowing for the slower pace of deliveries that time of year)


If we all open our gifts around the same time then we can post pics, comments and thanks on a new thread Christmas week.

:-) :cheese:


Hope you all have fun with this, I think it's very exciting!! If you have any comments/suggestions please post here cos I've never done anything like this before and I don't want to mess it up :roll: :lol:


xxx Dreamy

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All sounds good to me Dreamy. I can't wait to find out who I've got & start looking for ideas. Might get me in the mood for some Christmas shopping proper. I'm not good with last minute things either.

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