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hi, im new

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Bit of a late response from me, I don't contribute much to this forum but your post caught my eye. I just wanted to say what a lovely idea the prayer shawl is. I do a similar thing with cakes, when I mix them up I mix in loads and loads of love so that whoever eats them takes in the love I'm sending. Mind you, if i think not-so-nice thoughts when I'm baking I can guarantee the cake wil burn or not turn out of the pan or be soggy in the middle.... just goes to show the power of thought.


All the very best to you and your friend.



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welcome woolyback!



i'd love to see the shawl once its finished - what a lovely thought.


the rest of the ladies are right - this is a friendly place to chat and share ideas/ask questions - the beauty of knitting is that there is always something new to learn!




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