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issue 7 is here!

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Hi Aims,


I'm so sorry that you feel that the Rose Tinted project is in some ways similar to yours.


I can assure you that this is a coincidence. We work in a way that means the designers, in this case Claire Nigeon, have a lot of freedom - in that we might give them a theme, colour, technique or style to work with, and then they come up with the designs - we don't give them so much guidance that we tell them what to make. Most of the designers are not members of the forum, and as far as we are aware, do not view the forum by way of inspiration, so it is highly unlikely that Claire will have seen your make back in May.


I hope this puts your mind (and everyone else's) at rest, as we love to see your designs and to see them shared with others. We are very aware of the issues faced by designers and crafters when it comes to keeping designs original and protected and are very passionate about this, and so I hope you can understand that this really was just a case of great minds thinking alike!


Do contact me via email or PM if you have any further concerns.




Emily :)

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Thanks for your reply Emily but it wasnt just me that spotted it, friends also commented which is why I raised the issue. It may be a matter of great minds and maybe it is a coinkidink (coincidence he he) but I dont think it is entirely impossible that it has not been seen seeing as i have a blog, website and have posted it on other forums in the past. Maybe it is time to keep things under my hat as this isnt just a hobby for me, it is my livelihood and business and I cant afford to be seen to be copying other peoples designs as this is how it is going to look to people who see the one in the mag before seeing mine on my website or stall. They will not know I created it yonks ago and a lot of people are fussy if something is not original. I never copy designs out of magazines, unless it is for a comp on here which I have only entered once and since then I have dismantled the piece to create something different but I do like to buy it for the articles and all the product news.


Still love the mag though and will stop my ranting there :cheese:


Aims x

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I used to think my 'colour block' designs were all mine because i thought them up not inspired by anything, had never seen anything sim in shops, but then i notice that in wedding jewellery / jewellery magazines theres a lot of-

creating shape out of wire, then filling it completely with beads so it looks like a new 'bead/piece'. so i got upset


i havent made jewellery for a while now because mainly i see ppl wearing tiny pedants on thin chains, and i want eerything i m\ke t actuslly be worn


I guess with fimo roses you need tigertail otherwise they can look clunky. i havent known how to use fimo rroses in jewellery but for stud earrings, but i think chain would look nice.

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